Embracing Life’s Joys and Wellness Adventures!

Hey there, amazing souls! We’re Ashlee and Martin, and we’re living life to the fullest right here in the gorgeous Central Valley of California. Our fantastic daughter, Amara, is a total rockstar who’s always there to light up our days. Get ready to join us on a journey that’s all about finding happiness and taking care of ourselves every step of the way!

Our Story: Love and Laughter

we’re a couple who’s been through ups and downs, and guess what? Our love has only gotten stronger. Add in the magic touch of Amara, and our lives are like a beautiful melody of giggles and good times. But that’s not all – we’ve learned a ton on this adventure, and we’re excited to share it all with you.

Helping You Shine: Our Super Goal

Hold on to your hats, because we’ve cooked up something special just for folks like us – you know, those awesome mid age folks. We’ve whipped up welookyoung.com, a place where you can dive into everything cool about healthy and happy living. Yup, we’re here to remind you that you’re a superstar who deserves all the good vibes.

Get Your Happy On: Feeling Awesome Inside and Out!

Get ready to feel like a million bucks! We’re all about boosting your confidence and making sure you’re shining inside and out. Trust us, age is just a number – you’re amazing at every stage of the game, and we’re here to cheer you on!

More Than Looks: Big-Time Self-Care

Whoa, hold up! Life sometimes throws us curveballs and can make us feel a bit lonely. But fear not, because we’ve got your back. We’re not just about looking good – we’re all about keeping your spirit high and your heart happy.

Butterfly Magic: From Tiny Sparks to Big Boom!


Now, here’s the scoop on our awesome butterfly logo – it’s like a secret code that tells a huge story. You know how a tiny butterfly can flap its wings and create a big breeze? Well, that’s us! We started small, but we’re on a mission to make a massive, positive impact in the world.

Jump In and Join the Fun!

We’re throwing open the doors and inviting you to be part of this wild ride. Need advice on staying healthy? Wanna feel like a superstar? Or just want to connect with awesome peeps? welookyoung.com is your ticket to all that and more!

Let’s celebrate life’s awesomeness, together!

With excitement, Ashlee, Martin, and Amara